WE ARE ARTISTS FOR UKRAINE stands in solidarity with the artists, artist-run spaces, and all the people of Ukraine who are bravely resisting an immoral and illegal Russian invasion, those who have lost loved ones, or have been forced to flee their homes and country. Living in a country where we have a right to choose our leaders, and where we enjoy freedom of expression without fear, we also applaud those Russians who are speaking out and demonstrating against their government.

WE ARE ARTISTS FOR UKRAINE is an initiative of: 

Pallas Projects/Studios (Dublin), Ormston House (Limerick), Askeaton Contemporary Arts (Limerick), 126 (Galway), Sample-Studios (Cork), Catalyst Arts (Belfast)

International supporters: HDLU (Zagreb), EKKM (Tallinn), Solas Nua (Washington DC), SUPERMARKET - Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Artist-Run Network Europe (ARNE), Artists' Initiatives' Meetings (AIM Network), Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), Artist-Run Alliance


Charity partner:

Printing partner: @hensteethstudio

Design partner: Other Office

Artist's website: Paul Hallahan